Ron Skirvin, Professional Bowfisherman

Thank you for the opportunity to field test the F&D Dream Rest. At last, a bowfishing arrow rest that's functional, easy to tune, built to last, and best of all, it WORKS!
It worked equally well using both cabled and non-cabled arrows and once I had the center shot adjusted with the spacers provided I could remove and install the Dream Rest anytime and be dead on with no further adjustments.
Congratulations on a great bowfishing arrow rest that's aptly named. What took so long?
Good Bowfishing,
Ron Skirvin


Thanks for a great bowfishing rest! Not only is it one of the best out there, it has a great warranty. It was easy to set up and tune and helps me maintain the edge I need when pursuing truly big fish.
Mark Ellenberg
President BAA

Bill Weisner Co-Owner of Renegade Bow Company

"The opportunity to bowfish a Florida gator was a dream come true for me. I was set up with the best equipment money could buy. At the top of the list was my F&D dream rest. Simple to use, durable and a get the job done piece of equipment - certainly a must for all bowfishing bows."

Brandon Tabor, of Tabe's Archery, Shawnee OK.

I have used most of the rests out there on the market for bowfishing and when it comes to reliability and long lasting performance without having to tune or work on your arrow rest, the Dream Rest is the only one to use. We have used the Dream Rests on our bows for over 4 years and have shot 4 state records with them, including this 77# Grass Carp. You can try others but when you want the best, GET A DREAM REST!!! Brandon S. Tabor---Vice President of BAA.
Here is a little more info on Brandon, he is also Vice President of Oklahoma Fish Stickers
The Tournament director for 2 tournaments
CARP-A-THON 2005 (April 16-17, A 24 hour event)
Keep up the good work Brandon!
The Dream Rest is available at Tabe's Archery