Fred's Updates

NEW! Custom Strings & Cables for bowfishing or hunting bows.

We have added NEW! Trophy Bound Bow Strings. Custom made. You order size and color to fit your bow. The reason we feature these strings and cables is for their waterproof technology. (WPT) ~~ GREAT FOR BOWFISHING! ~~ Trophy Bound uses Brownell Xcel Material ~ Pre-stretched—choose 2 colors. See color chart unders "Bows" ~ “Core Lock” Center Serving. ~ No Peep Rotation. ~ String Jaxs included. ~ Guarantee on workmanship. ~ Call for pricing. ~~~~~~~ Fred also makes other custom Bow strings and Buss cables.

Bowfishing Tips

If you have a good bowfishing tip~~~Send it to us and we will post it.~~~~~ Thanks!~~~~~~~~TIP # 1-If you have trouble threading the string through the arrow, just bring along a crochet hook size 5. Put it through the hole and hook it on the string loop and pull it through. So simple!!

Web Site

We are working on the site on a daily basis to get it up to date. If you need a certain product just call and ask. We just have not gotten it all on there yet. 715-597-2022 Thanks for your patience!


We have been in business 27 years.I can made custom strings and cables.I created the Dream Rest for bowfishing, can also be used for hunting if using feathers.Our shop is located in Osseo, WI and we do extensive bowfishing and hunting sales and service in this area and on the internet.We sell Onieda Eagle Bows, PSE, Alpine, Browning and Whisper Creek. Whisper Creek are relativly new but are the smoothest, most quiet bows I ever held and shot. Scroll down thru all the choices and see some of our products. We have many more in our store. Can't find what you want---just email or call we will be happy to fix or get anything you want. Fred

Barracuda Bows

We are now carrying the Browning Barracuda Bow. We are giving a FREE F&D Dream Rest 3 with each Barracuda Bow.


Here it is 2011 I have been lazy about Fred’s page so here goes what we have been up too. Smooth Machine and I have put our heads together on a Bowfishing Rest called the PRO REST. Finally a rest that is not in your face when you look down the arrow. Those that like the epoxy rest will like this. It is very much like the epoxy rest, in that it sits over the top of you hand and not behind the riser, like the competitor's. No plastic here, machined out of aluminum and Delrin. Fits snug to the bow so it doesn't get in the way of your reel. This Delrin part is replaceable so if you wear it out, you can replace it. This rest has been shot all last summer with nothing but rave reviews. If YOU like to shoot off the back of the arrow this rest works. YOU make that choice. Also works fine with slides. Ron from SHURE SHOT tested this rest for us, give him a call. The other product that we have, that is new, is a Pro Arrow Puller that is made for the PRO REEL seat, for those that don’t like the rod. We have also put some hats on our site. You might want to take a look at them. Also any bow that you by from use will get a free hat and as you know we set it up so it is ready to shoot. We have also put the Darton AquaForce on the line up. Nice bow for the money has a 10 yr. warn. Also offer the AquaForce with a ready to shoot, Pro Package. Check it out on our sight. Any bow can be set up with the Pro Package. As a rule, we ship same day if possible.Lets talk about the PRO REEL SEAT wow this thing is tough . It is by far the best reel seat out there. The reel will not come loose once you have it on there . Can mount the reel anyplace on it no jamb nuts to come loose, and no jamb nut next to the riser, that’s where the competitor’s like to break. So give us a call or email we can help you out with your Bowfishing needs. Fred

Blue Camo Bow Cases available

Will look great with the Baracuda Bow or any blue bow. Sizes 39" and 46". Call if you need another size. The bow cases have a double pull so they can open from the center andf the rod can stick out.